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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sick of sickness and demmit its getting worst :)

hi assalamualaikum :)

yooo , whatcha doing ? fine ? :) 
sekarang ni kan , dah takde sapaa nak kisah pasal aku :( double A aku terus off and off and keep offing shes phone , looks like shes already fadeup with this kind of thing . haih , you know what . i miss you so much , my god i can't believe this thing will end up like this . i know im to ego , tak pernah kisah pasal you kan . haih stupid stupid demdemdem . 

okay skrg hari hari sakit kepala , hari hari kena migrain and i was like 'whataheck is going on' . sakit kepala ni melampau lampau lah haih -.-' ala siapa nak kisah ? bukannya ada org kisah pun skrg and i pun tak kisah sbb dah selalu mcm ni . no one cares :) so just keep my little mouth smillling smile smile smile and smile :) cheeseeee :) 

imissyou AA :/
sorry :(
haha , jangan nak muka sgt lah kan . bukannya org tu kisah pun . haih .

okay tu jee , byebye assalamualaikum :) 

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